March 30, 2023

Check out our top five online stores that ship cannabis clones anywhere in the US.

Back in the day, if a weed grower wanted to obtain special or rare cannabis seeds or clones, they had to “know somebody.” In turn, that somebody likely had to know someone else, and so on, all the way back to a mother weed plant, off of which cannabis clones were taken. To ensure the survival of exceptional weed, generations of growers shared clones in an epic baton race to preserve and protect special cannabis genetics.

Nowadays, things are much different. Weed clones can be bought online, a marketplace that’s poised to explode in the coming years. They’re also easily available in some neighborhood dispensaries, sold by the thousands at public genetics bazaars, and traded between both professional cultivators and hobbyists alike.

Common strains sell for as little as $5 or $10 per clone, while exotic, clone-only rarities can go for as much as $10,000 or more. The value of a certain clone can fluctuate dramatically depending on supply, demand, and community hype.

In April 2022, the DEA issued a statement in which they defined cannabis seeds and clones as “hemp,” because the seeds and clones themselves contain less than 0.3% THC. If considered hemp, they would be legal to buy and ship anywhere in the US under the 2018 Farm Bill. However, the DEA statement is not law. 

Since then, there has been a sharp uptick of seed and clone sellers online, though nobody’s entirely sure if the hemp argument would hold up in a court of law. The legal status of cannabis seeds and clones is still murky.

How are clones shipped in the mail?

cannabis clone
A weed clone ready to be shipped in the mail. (Matt Stangel/Leafly)

When purchased online, a clone usually arrives like a ship in a bottle, packaged in purpose-built plastic “clone shipper” that fits snugly around a plant, protecting sensitive roots and delicate shoots while in transit. 

These mailers are sometimes outfitted with little LED lights, vents for fresh air, and more, to minimize the shock of travel to delicate young plantlings. Overnight shipping is common and advised, as even the Rolls Royce of packaging can’t replace a plant’s need for fresh air, water, and a healthy dose of light.

Why buy clones vs. seeds?

Though sourcing weed plants by mail might seem like a lot of trouble, starting from clones allows you to save hours of time and money compared to growing from seeds. 

For homegrowers with limited resources, it makes a ton of sense to work from clones that are verified, flower-producing females, which are also high-quality examples of certain strains. A well-selected clone is like a cheat code for growing good weed right out of the gate. 

Alternatively, if you’re on the lookout for trustworthy seed banks, click on over to our 2022 guide to US-based online seed banks


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Should I buy clones at the store or online?

cannabis clone

If you live in a state with adult-use cannabis laws, there’s a chance you can buy clones at a dispensary near you. We recommend exploring local options first because you can visually inspect clones for signs of pests and diseases before putting money down. 

That said, finding a dispensary with clones can be challenging, and selections are often limited to common strains. To branch out and find a unique weed strain, check out our list below of five online cannabis clone sellers. 

Some are well regarded in the community and others are relatively new. Before making a purchase, we recommend conducting a quick search of the seller to get the most up-to-date customer feedback. Also, be sure to reference your local cannabis growing laws to see if and how many plants you can grow.

Clone Kings

Compared to the market at large, Clone Kings (CK) is one of the most affordable sources for cannabis clones on the internet, charging around $40 per rooted cutting.

Populated by the strain game’s most recognizable names, Clone Kings will appeal to new hobbyists and folks who aren’t necessarily looking for cutting-edge exotic genetics. Featuring strains like Blue Dream, Ghost Train Haze, Green Crack, and Granddaddy Purple, their menu leans toward weed standards. Shoppers will also find clone-only contemporary hits like MAC1, GMO, and Zkittlez.

With entry-level offerings, CK is a great place to start if connoisseur-focused clone menus leave you scratching your head—or if you can’t stomach the achingly high price tags commanded by today’s most hyped strains. 

Some personal recommendations from us for clones available through Clone Kings: Rude Boi OG by Archive Seedbank, GG4 by GG Strains, and Wedding Cake by Seed Junky Genetics.

Genetics Fanatics

Founded by the same team who run trusted cannabis seed bank Luscious Genetics, Genetics Fanatics (GF) offer a mixture of sought-after contemporary strains and more obscure cuts. 

You’ll find clones of Apple Fritter and citrusy lip-smacker Ya Hemi, as well as modern breeder staples like MAC1 (Miracle Alien Cookies), and classics like Chernobyl. Relatively unknown finds include Real McCoy Farms’ cut of Symbiotic Genetics’ Wedding Cake x Banana Punch. 

While the menu at Genetics Fanatics’ overlaps with competing sites like King Kong Clones here and there, their prices are more homegrower-friendly, ranging $100-500, and averaging ~$200 per clone at the time of writing. Some in-demand strains are much cheaper at GF, like The Soap, which currently sells for $2,500 at King Kong Clones but only $500 at GF. 

While GF’s prices are competitive, their menu is a bit smaller than elsewhere—presently counting in at just 13 options. Personally, we take this as a good sign: Limiting the scope of menu offerings means their nursery operators can focus more on specific strains and on keeping plants healthy. Also, all purchases ship with a house-selected freebie clone.


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King Kong Clones

California-based King Kong Clones (KKC) is a cannabis nursery that primarily deals in elite genetics and difficult-to-source, clone-only cuts. Their menu is fairly large compared to other sites.

Menu highlights include modern breeder favorites like Beleaf’s White Truffle cut, as well as Cookies crosses, and crowd pleasers Gary Payton and Cheetah Piss. Newer phenomenons include Tiki Madman’s breeder-selected cuts, and regional classics like Arsenal Genetics’ heirloom Indiana Bubble Gum cut. 

Ranging $250-10,000 for rooted clones and $100-750 for slips (cuts that haven’t been rooted), KKC’s prices are steep—they’re largely geared toward commercial growers who can recoup such an investment. 

That said, frequent markdowns and sales can appeal to homegrowers, and as strains make the rounds, they get cheaper. Keep an eye out for deals and blowouts.

One of the biggest—and most expensive—cannabis clone retailers, KKC can be divisive, but they earn a spot on this list in large part due to their affiliation with Neptune Seed Bank, a site we’ve shopped numerous times and have come to trust.


With Leafly-inspired nomenclature right in the name, we couldn’t overlook Strainly’s aggregated clone marketplace. Like traditional online marketplaces, Strainly invites sellers to register a unique profile and post clone product listings. They ship nationwide. 

Instead of consulting social media or forums like and to vet a seller, Strainly’s customer-generated ratings and reviews system make it super easy for customers to quickly separate questionable listings from trustworthy ones. This mitigates the uncomfortable leap of faith customers need to take when buying clones over the internet, making this clone-buying experience much closer to modern online shopping.

Prices vary from product to product, but by and large, they tend to be more homegrower-friendly than sources like King Kong Clones. Additionally, the ability to make side-by-side comparisons of competing sellers is a huge plus, given the enormous price fluctuations between retailers.


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Big Daddy Clones

With one of the most extensive strain lineups available online and flat rate pricing that starts at just $15 per clone, Big Daddy Clones (BDC) is worth exploring for both hobbyists and professionals alike.

Available strains are a mixture of classics like Cherry Pie, Bubba Kush, and Sour Diesel; mainstream dispensary staples like Sundae Driver, GMO, and Purple Punch; and modern trendsetters like Runtz, Kush Mintz, and Slurricane. 

BDC requires that customers buy a minimum of eight plants per order, which can be split between two strains; meaning, four plants per strain. 

This wholesale approach allows BDC to offer price breaks on bulk orders: $12/unit for 16-49 plants, $10/unit for 50-99 plants, and $8/ for 100+ plants. At the time of writing, BDC is advertising a buy-10-get-1-free deal, valid for up to 50 plants. 

While BDC’s menu might not be exciting to everyone—we’re looking at you, hype chasers—it is a solid option for people looking to jumpstart their garden or get their feet wet caring for some cornerstone strains.

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