May 30, 2023

Stock up for the big day with all your favorites.

It’s about to be 420 time again, New Jersey, and your stash isn’t gonna restock itself. To avoid getting caught greenless on weed’s biggest day, stop in at your local The Apothecarium dispensary and get everything you need to make your 420 a little bit magical.

As a bi-coastal outfit, they’re able to get a whole survey of the American cannabis landscape and bring the absolute hottest deals to you. They’ve got brands and products for every walk of life, so point your feet toward your nearest Apothecarium and see which of your favorites they have in stock. 

This 420, The Apothecarium is offering amazing deals on their expansive roster of edibles, flower, tinctures, and more. All you need to do is find your local shop and see what unique deals they’re offering.

With convenient locations all over New Jersey in towns like Lodi and Maplewood, you’re almost certainly not too far away from 420 goodness. Plus, stay tuned for more details on Apothecarium’s epic 2023 CannaGames coming up on 4/20.

These deep discounts are only available to The Apothecarium account holders, so you use this as your opportunity to join their membership program and enjoy loyalty rewards and savings on first-time purchases.

Let’s take a peek at some of the incredible products that The Apothecarium has prepared for 420. This is just a glimpse at our favorites, but you can shop the whole product lineup on your local Apothecarium’s Leafly menu.

Valhalla Sweet Orange Gummies

With all the flavor of a perfectly ripe, sunkissed tangerine, these gummies from Valhalla are little bites of heaven. Packed with delicious flavor and a respectable 10mg of THC per gummy, these bites are a great fit for experienced cannabis consumers and newcomers looking to ascend to a higher plane on 420. The gummies were creatively inspired and scientifically formulated in New Jersey’s own Boonton, so if you love local brands, you owe it to yourself to experience some of NJ’s finest. 

Find Valhalla at The Apothecarium in Lodi and Maplewood.

Gage Banana Bread Live Resin Cartridge

This 420, experience some banana bread that might even be better than Grandma’s own. A unique hybrid descended from Purple Kush and Vietnamese Black, aptly named Banana Bread leads with a distinctive fruity flavor and finishes with nutty undertones, just like its namesake. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then pick up these live resin cartridges by Gage. Live resin is the absolute gold standard for flavor and purity in the concentrate world, meaning that you won’t find a smoother hit or cleaner flavor. 

Find Gage at The Apothecarium in Lodi, Maplewood, and Phillipsburg.

Kind Tree NJ Gas Man Live Resin Sugar

If you’re the type of cannabis enthusiast who loves running on fumes, it’s time to hit up NJ Gas Man Live Sugar and treat your dab rig to something special this 420. Kind Tree live resin sugar is one of the smoothest concentrates around, with special attention paid to both potency and purity. NJ Gas Man is a unique strain with a complex flavor profile that offers a balanced, uplifting high that doesn’t fog your brain, making it a versatile choice for cannabis consumers of all stripes. NJ Gas Man descends from a mysterious lineage, so you’ll need to pick some up yourself to see exactly what this strain has in the tank.

Find Kind Tree at The Apothecarium in Lodi, Maplewood, and Phillipsburg.

With these fabulous products and a whole lot more, The Apothecarium is your headquarters for 420 this year. Find your local shop and see what special deals and products they have on offer to make your holiday one for the record books. 

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