May 30, 2023

German decriminalization and medical cannabis legalization appear to be leading the European Union into a golden age for weed on The Continent. 

That’s the perspective of International Cannabis Business Conference CEO Alex Rogers, who chatted with Leafly live on Instagram May 11 from his base in Slovenia.

Human rights law provide cover to personal cannabis freedoms like a proposed 3 plants, 25 grams, and personal possession at the national level in Germany. 

Medical cannabis pilot programs should yield the first German dispensaries.

“This is Europe’s time. Now, it’s actually happening.”

Alex Rogers, CEO, ICBC

Consequently, ‘social club’ models may take root in Germany, the way they already have in Barcelona, Spain—and the way they did in California at the dawn of medical cannabis legalization in the 2000s. CBD, hemp, and seed commerce have already taken off in Europe. 

“This is Europe’s time,” said Rogers. “Now, it’s actually happening.”

Watch the entire interview by clicking on this embed:

The International Cannabis Business Conference-Berlin goes down at the end of June, amid a 30,000-person consumer festival and expo called Mary Jane Berlin June 23-25. American dollars go further than ever in Europe right now, and the weather has begun heating up—making now the time to make sure your passport is current and book a trip.


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