May 30, 2023

Spinach® Fully Charged multi-pack pre-rolls are here to make you the life of the party this 420.

It’s officially the season to celebrate weed’s biggest day, and the Spinach® team is turning the dial up to 11 with new infused pre-rolls for the loudest 420 yet. Spinach® 5×0.5g Fully Charged Atomic GMO infused pre-rolls are a hard-hitting combination of knock-out strains, jacked-up citrusy grapefruit flavours and high-potency, cold-filtered cannabis extract.

420 is the perfect time to go big, and these potent pre-rolls deliver a fully charged experience with THC levels of 35%+, flavourful terpenes, and an exceptionally smooth smoke.

Read on to hear more about what you can look forward to with Spinach® Fully Charged Atomic GMO infused pre-rolls. Click the button below to find retailers carrying Spinach® products near you, so you can stock up and get ready for the big day.

Spinach® Fully Charged Atomic GMO infused pre-rolls

Fully Charged Atomic GMO infused pre-rolls
Courtesy of Spinach

With historic significance for stoners of every stripe, 420 is a holiday centered on the essential pastime of getting baked with your friends. The new Spinach® Fully Charged infused pre-roll 5-packs are ready to share. The combination of fan-favourite cultivars with high-quality extract make these pre-rolls worthy of our beloved high holiday.

Charged to the max with potent goodness, these 0.5g pre-rolls start with the lightning-strike combination of Atomic Sour Grapefruit and GMO Cookies—both highly sought-after strains—for an especially hard-hitting blend. The Spinach® team then sweetens the pot with high-potency, cold-filtered cannabis extract and added terpenes to make for an experience that’s as delicious as it is powerful. The result is a perfectly packed pre-roll with a smooth, even burn and eye-popping potency of 35% THC.

Find the most electrifying cannabis experience at the tip of your fingers this 420 with Spinach® Fully Charged infused pre-rolls.

Fully Charged Atomic GMO infused pre-rolls
Courtesy of Spinach

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