March 30, 2023

thc detox drink recipes

Best THC Detox Drinks You Can Make At Home


Despite the widespread (and growing) legalization of marijuana in the United States, many situations still call for THC drug testing. Then again, you may also want to go on a tolerance break and detoxify from weed for a while.


No matter what the reason, getting rid of THC from your system can be a hazy issue for some people. THC can stay in your system for a varying amount of time, detectable anywhere from 3 up to 90 days in urine and blood. Let’s clear the air: there are many detox drinks you can buy, and programs you can go on. But why spend all that money when you can make detox drinks right at home?

Here are some of our favorite THC detox recipes:


Lemon Juice


Lemon juice is one of the best inexpensive ways to detox from almost anything – including getting rid of THC from your body. There are many reasons why lemon juice is known worldwide as one of the best detoxifying drinks.


Lemon juice has been shown to help improve the fat burning process, helping release the THC in blood cells. It’s also a great source of vitamin C; studies show that people who have adequate vitamin C levels are more efficient in oxidizing fat and detoxifying. No matter what kind of THC detox regimen you’re doing, add some lemon juice to your daily routine will speed up results.


In addition, lemons are loaded with healthy vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that will give your immunity a boost. It’s also so easy and simple to make: just squeeze fresh lemon juice into a glass of hot or cold water, and sip it throughout the day. You can have as much of it as you like.


Cranberry Juice


Cranberry juice is another simple, popular, and effective household THC detox drink. However, it doesn’t act as quickly as other remedies, which makes it only a safe choice for THC detox if you have around 30 days to detoxify.


Cranberry juice is recommended by some doctors to help with lymphatic drainage, remove toxins, and flush the kidneys. Consuming 1-2 glasses of cranberry juice daily can help speed up your detoxification especially if you are doing other things such as regular exercise.


Activated Charcoal


Activated charcoal is a simple and inexpensive way to cleanse the body. These black powders may look scary, but it’s actually tasteless. It works by attracting toxins while in the body and helping to flush them out.


Simply put a teaspoon of activated charcoal into water, mix, and drink once a day. Don’t take it for longer than 3-5 days since this is only meant to be taken for the short term.


Apple Cider Vinegar


Almost everyone has a bottle of apple cider vinegar in their pantry.


This kitchen staple not only has numerous health benefits but it can also help you detox THC. It contains powerful antibacterial properties that aid in flushing out cannabinoids from the body. Though it isn’t scientifically backed, some have even used apple cider vinegar as a hair wash as they believe it can help remove traces of THC in the hair.


To use apple cider vinegar as a detox agent, add one tablespoon into a glass of water then drink the concoction twice a day. Always consume diluted with water since drinking apple cider vinegar straight up may be harsh on the throat for many people.




You can never go wrong with good old water. Hydrating with water is essential especially for any kind of detox program since you will be urinating and sweating more often. No matter what other kind of drink you are already consuming, always complement it with water as soon as you begin your detoxification program.


What to Keep in Mind When Doing a THC Detox


There are other simple things you can do to help flush out THC and other toxins from your body. Exercise, for one, is highly recommended. THC is stored within the fat cells, so keeping your body moving, burning calories, and sweating efficiently will boost THC detoxification. However, studies show that THC levels in the blood spike for up to 2 hours after doing intensive workouts. This suggests that you shouldn’t exercise right before a blood test since while the exercise can burn the fat which stores THC, it also releases dormant cannabinoids into the bloodstream.


Additionally, you’ll find that there are dozens, even hundreds of products, potions, and pills on the market that promise THC detoxification. Remember that not all of them can work and some may not even be safe. Always do your own research before buying commercially-made detox drinks.


It also helps to eat a healthy diet when you’re trying to flush out THC. Avoid foods that are high in salt, sodium, and sugar because these will only increase water retention, increasing the time that it takes to flush out THC metabolites. A diet rich in lean meat, vegetables, and fruits is recommended. The more leafy green vegetables you consume, the better, since these vegetables help boost metabolism and are excellent sources of vitamins.





Always remember to manage your expectations when starting any weed detox program.


Keep in mind that the timeline for detoxification will vary depending on many factors: how long you have been smoking, the types of marijuana you have been consuming (edibles take the longest to flush out), your body weight and body mass index, and if you exercise. Naturally, stopping marijuana as quickly as possible before your deadline is critical; ensuring that you sweat and continue to consume fluids daily will help increase the chances that you can be THC-free within 30 days.


There’s no such thing as an overnight fix: any kind of THC detox program will require time – and patience.





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