March 30, 2023

cannabis murder mystery

Cannabis Murder Mystery: Why are the cops claiming that Aron Christensen died of a “marijuana overdose” when he was clearly shot in the chest?


The big question on everyone’s mind is – what exactly happened to Aron Christensen, a 49-year-old bearded dude from Portland. He was found dead in a remote trail in Washington’s Cascade Mountains. Next to him was the lifeless body of his 4-month old puppy.


When the Police informed the family, their initial report was that they suspected he had a “heart attack”. At a later stage, one of the detectives theorized that perhaps it was a “weed overdose”, as they had found some cannabis among his stuff.


When it was discovered that he had indeed a gunshot to the chest, one would think that the police would update their stories – but they didn’t.


Allegedly, they also had a suspect who pretty much admitted to shooting a gun in the vicinity of where the body was found, but since the kid is “connected” and from a “good family”, no one has been charged with anything.


Christensen’s family are left with questions that the police won’t answer, making one think – is this a cover up?


Well, let’s take a look at what we know…


A Body Was Found


In order to know why Aron was in a remote hiking trail. You first have to understand who Aron is. This bearded musician was deep into the Punk Rock movement. He was naturally an “outdoors” kind of guy and played the bass.


He even toured with Sublime before they blew up.


He had a tight-knit group of friends that would go camp every August. He would then splinter off from the group and go “solo hiking” sometimes for hours, and other times for days. Needless to say, the guy knew how to handle himself out in the wilderness.


According to his friend’s group, he was going to take a wilderness trail and would take about two days to get there. That was the last time they heard from him.


Roughly, a week after Aron left, his body was found by another hiker alongside his 4-month old puppy’s body.


The initial reports from the police indicate that it might have been a heart attack. However, it only became more absurd as time continued.


According to the Oregon Live;


 On one call with the family, a detective theorized that the 49-year-old Portland man – who was hiking the Walupt Lake Trail alone with his dog during a late August camping trip with friends – could have died from marijuana they found among his belongings. “What if it was laced?” the detective said. Another detective said Christensen had a “widow-maker’s heart.”


This begs the question – “What the actual F*ck!”


Firstly, these police detectives seem incredibly “chill” about the sudden death of a healthy man and to theorize that a lifetime stoner would be smoking “laced” weed, only goes to show how out of touch they are with the average cannabis user.


I have been smoking cannabis for 20-years. I can assume that Aron smoked probably 30-years or more. Weed is nothing new to a dude who played bass with Sublime.


As a seasoned stoner, you’d immediately know if your weed was “laced”. More importantly, you could easily rule out the “laced theory” by simply testing the weed in a lab. Considering that it’s a murder case, one would think that it would have priority in processing.


Nonetheless, this was the “working theory” of the detectives handling the case. When the family of Christensen kept on pushing for answers, they received no cooperation from the police. In one instance, they were even scolded by the police because “reporters were getting involved”.


Eventually, an article asking the very question, “What happened to Aron Christensen”, finally prompted the police to take some action publicly.


The Swine Decline…


It turns out that perhaps the cops did “know” something and chose to withhold the information from the public. As the article sparked public interest which forced them to reveal that they actually did have a suspect.


In fact, one could argue they had more than a suspect.



The sheriff’s office announced the cause of death – a gunshot – and that it was referring to the prosecuting attorney’s office first-degree manslaughter and first-degree animal-abuse charges against Ethan Michael Asbach, a 20-year-old from Tenino, Washington, and his 17-year-old girlfriend, who has not been publicly named.

Two days after Aron Christensen’s death, Asbach allegedly told detectives he and the girl were hiking on the Walupt Lake trail on the evening of Aug. 19, headed to Sheep Lake campground to meet up for a hunting trip with his father.

Asbach said that at around 9 p.m. he heard growling noises and saw the eyes of what he believed to be a wild animal, according to the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office. Asbach said he fired a single shot “out of fear,” the sheriff’s office said in the statement. The young couple said they checked the area and saw a dead man and dog. They hiked on, taking the wrong path and exiting the woods the next day, they said. Someone from the Asbach family apparently called the sheriff’s office on Aug. 21.

SOURCE: OREGON LIVE (Full Article on Reddit)

Once it became apparent that there was no mistake in the fact that Aron was shot, and this Asbach kid basically admitting to him shooting Aron or “some animal sounds at night”, the police decided to put on their “creative thinking caps” to come up with more plausible stories such as.


The sheriff’s office has not made clear if detectives or the coroner had discovered the gunshot wound before Asbach’s family contacted authorities. Nor have they said if, after realizing Christensen had been shot, they returned to the scene to search for additional evidence. The necropsy report for Christensen’s dog has yet to be released, so it’s still unknown what exactly happened to him.

 On Aug. 29, the coroner called the family to say that a bullet had been found inside Aron Christensen, Corey Christensen wrote in notes he rigorously scrawled during phone calls with officials.

Yet, the next day, a deputy still speculated that Aron Christensen might have died from a heart attack, possibly before he was shot, according to Christensen’s brother.


Yep, you read that correctly – he conveniently had a heart attack right before he got shot in the chest. It makes total sense!


The Grunting noises…like an animal! The cops figured it out!


Except, when the Lewis County Prosecutors Office looked at the case files, they sent it back to the cops citing, “Missing lab reports” and documents.


So at this point we either have the most useless cops on the planet, or they know exactly what happened and are covering for the Asbach kid because he comes from a “good family”.


However, if the shooter was a random kid named Joe from “Nowhere’s Ville USA” – you’d probably have the dude in jail by now. Which goes to show that being sociable with the “right kind of people” goes a long way when it comes to manslaughter.


Unless of course, you’re Jeffrey Epstein (who did not kill himself BTW).



The Peasant Class


This murder mystery seems to be a tale as old as time. A peasant died and a noblemen was responsible. There are some people who are “above the law” and while there has been no legal action taken against Asbach, there never might be.


This is because some people can “resolve” issues without having to go through the “proper channels”. If you have enough money and influence, your threshold for breaking the law is very different.


Of course, sometimes even money and influence can’t shield you from the horrors of your crimes, however the story of Christensen vs Asbach seems to elude to the 2-Tier Society we live in today.


This 2-tier society is divided into a class that makes up “lifer politicians” and “mega corporations” expanding over all sectors of society. No, they aren’t organized as such – however, they are aligned with their own benefit in mind, and therefore these “mega corporations” spend billions on lobbyists pandering to the “lifer politicians” who pass laws on behalf of the billionaire class.


The politician is essentially an avatar to make the individual believe that they have “power” at the big boys table…except, the politician is imply smoke and mirrors. They serve the billionaire class who shape government and law to benefit their bottom line.


We – the consumers of the world – exist in Tier 2. All of the laws apply to you, you are the cog in the machine. You’re being led by the carrot, but if shit gets bad – the stick will do! If you die, the public enforcers will not give too much of a shit about resolving the issue. However, if one of these “top dogs” die – rest assured that all available resources will be used to “resolve it as quickly as possible”.


And with just enough money – they can even make it all disappear! Like Magic!


We the Product!


The first thing you need to learn from the Aron Christensen story is that some people have more privilege than others do – and their skin color isn’t the reason.


It is true that there are some class of citizen in the whole world that benefit from the labor of the many. These are the people at the top of the “social food chain” and have no issue sacking thousands to protect their bottom lines.


As of now, there is no one charged with anything in the Aron Christensen case, in spite of someone  basically admitting that they shot him…yet the police is dicking around…fumbling the case.


If it was flipped, and Asbach was the victim – how do you think the cops would have handled the case? Probably a whole lot different.


If this makes you mad – GOOD!


The truth of the matter is that you should be mad. You’re living in the illusion of freedom, yet in reality, you do not live in an “equal playing field”. The ruling class wants you to believe that it’s about race – but there’s plenty of poor white people everywhere as well.


The truth is that there is a ruling class that keeps the peasants (er the product) in check. They keep us fighting each other by pretending there’s a “right and a left” when in reality it’s a two headed beast with the same body.


The reason I wrote about this story is because it serves as a means for people to ‘wake up’. It also honors the life of Aron who seemed like a pretty chill dude.


I send my condolences to the family and my dissatisfaction to the police.






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